Not Today Covid-19

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I’ve traveled for the last 15 years in the US and UK for work and leisure. Over the previous five years, I travel weekly at times for months; this frequency evolved by travel and cleaning protocols wherever that might find me. I’ve slacked off the higher incidence of cleaning, although … Read More

Self-care, Be Selfish With It

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As I talk and write more about addiction and health recovery, post new book release; constant reminders revealed how many people are committed to helping others. The headlines and news if watched or read may not have that same tone, but if sifted through, digging under the surface of the … Read More


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My wife Michella and I watched and discussed as we watched an incredibly well done British drama series, a crime-drama starring Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar police detectives named Unforgotten. They’re working a historical crime, almost 40 years prior to the present day. It’s a PBS Masterpiece Series which are … Read More

Street Food vs. My Family

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On the eve of my next book coming out, Sober Is Better: My Note to Self, I’ve been thinking about how hard we all work. I drew comparisons to growing up on a farm to the Netflix show Street Food I’d watched this weekend. I talk about a lot about … Read More

Illuminating Service

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It’s so illuminating when fate puts opportunities and people with their stories in my path. I’m honored to be on the Associate Board of Directors for the EveryDayMatters Foundation, it’s a nonprofit the company I work for started. The mission is erasing stigma surrounding mental health. This gets accomplished by … Read More

Depression, PTSD, & You Are Not Alone

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We are all experiencing mental health issues or supporting a family, friend, or colleague in their recovery journey. Mental health conditions are showing up with young children to seniors in part due to loneliness for both. There are many opportunities to be of service in helping in the fight against … Read More

Decompress, escape, or expand?

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How do you decompress after a long and trying week? I was kind of tired, my brain and body was tired, got home and wandered around a few rooms of our home until my wife pointed out I was just wandering around. This got me thinking, did I want to … Read More

Experience, not regret

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Thinking back I struggle to remember exactly when and what my first drink was exactly, lots of miles and drinks since I was a toddler. Best guess I was six years old and had grabbed a drink of peppermint schnapps my grandfather or dad had placed in our farm truck … Read More

Recovery Month!

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How does time go by so quickly when I’m busy. I’ve been thinking and thinking about evolving my personal website, a place I’m able to share thoughts and experiences on recovery, discuss books I’ve written and others. Well, that days is here, I finally put together enough nights and weekends … Read More