Decompress, escape, or expand?

September 15, 2018

How do you decompress after a long and trying week? I was kind of tired, my brain and body was tired, got home and wandered around a few rooms of our home until my wife pointed out I was just wandering around. This got me thinking, did I want to decompress, take a nap, smoke a cigar, take a walk, or what? Do most people after a full day or week want to escape or just to slow things down to focus on something that allows them to calmly quiet their mind and soul for a few minutes? Do most or anyone think this way, yes, we do. It’s called “calming” or “quieting”.

Many of us do it in more dramatic style such as letting it all go, detaching, working through a complete decompression. So which one are you dramatic or intentional, either way you’re letting some of it go, that’s good. Positive workforce engagement rates at companies in the U.S. are below 30%, 7 of 10 are disengaged from the job, each other, and their life 9 hours per day. I’m hearing thoughts echo “I just want to survive what I do for 9 hours a day”. We’ve all had jobs that we just didn’t like but couldn’t afford to not have them, it wasn’t a viable option. This is where calming and quieting during the day is wonderful, it’s a wellness pod in your mind, totally mobile.

So based on my theory; a good mindful meditation and calming practice to quiet your mind could literally change your life. In some cases it could be saving your life, with a minimum outcome of easing anxiousness for a hot second or two. Meditation, and positive mantras have become important tools to me, I’ve learned these since starting recovery 8+ years ago. It wasn’t until 2 years into sobriety I met some lovely people who shared what they knew about meditation, breathwork, and expanding, it made my life change. I enjoy using what they and others have shared with me, every single day. All these calming practices are inexpensive as in $0 and available even when your mobile goes dead. Please, give it a try with a 30 seconds minute meditation. “30SecMedi” could be one my future books! Close your eyes, take a deep breath while saying please, then exhale whilst saying thank you, do this twice. Guess what, you just meditated. Congratulations. Back to today, I was tired and just required a few hours of tensionless creative, I watched a comedy with Amy Schumer. It worked for me, I feel better. Before sobriety I starkly remember escaping that tiredness with drowning in alcohol, much gratitude today and thanks Schumer for a healthy way to revive and expand my life.