Note to Self

A Collection of 99 Life Lessons

When do you feel, enough is enough and something has to change in your life? It can happen anywhere—for me, a hot taxi headed to the airport in Chicago 2010. I finally got the gift of desperation and despair, it provided me an opportunity to ask for help. Since that moment, I have been working on myself, discovering who I am, and learning tools to live a better and more intentional life. I've transitioned into a "recovery lifestyle", in long-term recovery.

The lessons in 'Note to Self' are what I use every day to live. I live imperfectly with an open mind, and heart working on my path to peacefulness. I've found more serenity than I thought existed. Being active in the recovery community, talking to addicts and alcoholics remind me, if I don’t use, rough days that happen are just moments, they too shall pass. In my collection of lessons, I discuss the importance of being present and intentional with my actions and thoughts. This is an example of a lesson I learned in recovery.

I live in gratitude and inspiration (most days), appreciating my friends who graciously shared their lessons with me, to include in the book. I've went back many times and re-read their lessons, it's exactly what I needed to hear that day, funny how that works. Read the book, it's an easy read, please share it with anyone who needs help. We're in this life together, help someone who’s hurting and needs it whether you buy the book or not. Thank you, much love.