Random Rambling

June 8, 2021

It’s a year since my last blog writing has happened; I was shocked how much time passed but ready to fire up the digital pen again. I am starting my reflection & reconciliation process for the previous twelve months with a bit of random rambling. 

I feel most everyone has experienced a period of life filled with one roller coaster ride after another. I can’t stand and get sick on roller coasters; however, Michella (my wife) and I am healthy and fully vaccinated, still masking up until we feel comfortable again in groups that honestly represent themselves as vaxed properly.                                                                       

Looking back, the quiet parts of the year filled with big aspirations with projects, tasks on exploring new learnings, and expanding ideas that were only a tiny seed not spouted. Well, most of that didn’t happen, and I’ve been back and forth with an inner dialog of “what is your problem?” The truth is, I’ve got a ton accomplished; all the things that were a priority with a year of transition and change got done, more or less. My angst is due to the removed distractions, then stripping it all away, created room for other emotional, spiritual and physical work to get done. We’re all searching for the silver linings to the mess of a year experienced.   

Next Chapters

We moved across the county in the last year. The planning for our big relocation westward started weeks after the first Covid-19 case in December 2019; unbeknownst to us, more than 33 million US cases would be confirmed 18 months later, with over 575,000 deaths attributed. The most change-filled and memorable year in my life.

My wife and I moved across the country with the other 15.9 million people in the first six months of the pandemic. Then had delays into the housing we’d planned (change of plan), we put all into storage, a few months later able to move into the place originally arranged, pulled all the stuff out of storage and continued with life as we thought it would go. I feel we both did alright reorganizing our priorities, embracing unknowns, and managing expectations, but it took its toll.

image source: https://www.mymove.com/moving/covid-19/coronavirus-moving-trends

We could work toward all the change that didn’t have an end, unknowns with a nation and the world’s public health crisis via pandemic ravaging people, families, and cultures if this weren’t enough, an election cycle filled with unprofessionalism and significant viciousness.

Living, Selling, & Working Remote

I live and work each day in what I call a “somewhat routine,” these lines blurred this last year, so I make sure I do meditation morning and night to help separate these areas. I am not a breakfast person but do healthy bits a few times a week with yogurt and granola (homemade by Michella, who is lovely for making it). Eating meals take on a more significant part of the daily decision matrix in a 100% remote existence. The removal of stops and starts, onramps and offramps in the daily activity can lose definition of the old boundaries; again, this takes a toll. This spring, my new goal was to insert an onramp into the day by doing personal writing, work on the two books in the works first thing in the morning. The exercise was supposed to help kick my workday off and get me started with a defined boundary. I’m trying, hit or miss each day, but this helps get my head straight for work. 

My day is filled with: 

  • Emails
  • Salesforce updates
  • Meetings (Zoom, Webex, Teams, WhatsApp, Slack)
  • Webinars
  • Sales Training
  • Product Training
  • Recap/team huddles
  • Reading/research
  • Proposal development
  • Tracking people down I need to get my work done.

Like most everyone, I have good days and bad days with work; there are less inspiring days and exciting moments when you have a good conversation, move a deal in the right direction, and maybe help someone solve a problem. The work has changed due to no travel and no in-person meetings. It went from preparing for appointments and trips to just working all the time, fewer breaks than ever. The roller coaster each day is how my mind works in general, but I can improve my understanding of what inspires me by embracing this roller coaster vs. battling it. I do know I want to start helping others more and asking for help when I need it. 


I’ll admit I’ve been missing connections a bit, I do like seeing people in person; even passing interactions with strangers has become a treat. I always try to acknowledge people by saying “hi” and ask “how is their day going?” We are all people doing our best in this big old world. I’ve found ways to partially fill the gap of personal interactions with additional time-shifted activities like creative short day trips or foreign movies to watch, which involve reading the dialog. These are things we didn’t do but always talked about before our pandemic bubble. #silverlining 

I’ve started to intentionally make time to reconnect with several important people in my life, we’d drifted apart in the last couple of years, no one person’s fault, just life. Honestly, my career change in 2015, career focus, life priorities, and getting married all contributed. My goal in writing this post was to open the next chapter with good intentions, vibes, and honest words.  There will be more to come.

Global Loss

I want to offer my condolences to those who suffered loss, acknowledging the significant loss of life and trauma created by the Coronavirus pandemic, mental health challenges, and overdoses. Thank goodness, kindness, and science are winning over hyperbole in the fight against Covid-19 and the many public health crises.