Recovery Month!

August 29, 2018

How does time go by so quickly when I’m busy. I’ve been thinking and thinking about evolving my personal website, a place I’m able to share thoughts and experiences on recovery, discuss books I’ve written and others. Well, that days is here, I finally put together enough nights and weekends of work to get there.

It made appropriate and poetic sense to launch my refreshed website on Overdose Awareness Day. Addiction is not pretty, it’s raw and real, heartbreaking, and family disease. My sharing about recovery, and the battle with addiction and alcoholism, is a lot of what I’m looking forward to discussing. An estimated 146,000+ will die in 2018 from drug and alcohol related deaths in the U.S. We’re at a point in time when we’re losing so many so quickly to drugs, and alcohol every single day, solutions and how we work together to slow the loss of life can’t be talked about enough.

My mission is writing and sharing thoughts, from leading research and my experience on recovery from drugs, alcohol, codependency, and any other condition that need recovery. A lot of what I’m going to write about is recovery focused, about healing, finding ways to recovery and build a heart-driven life, a life we as those consumed by addition didn’t have before we found the light. The whole month of September is Recovery Month, it’s the best month to start the conversation about recovery.

Here is my request: ask the next person you see, “how are you feeling today”? Don’t take fine as an answer, ask them are they sure, that you really want to know, they matter to you. I’ll do the same, many times as uncomfortable as it can be. Now let’s all go be kind to others but most importantly to yourself.