Sober is Better

A Note to Self

Close your eyes, now imagine this as a blackout caused by excessive alcohol, you are 14 years old having your first blackout. It was the first significant event on Bryan’s substance use journey. Fast forward a few years, he’d enlisted in the National Guard, began University and found drugs, gambling, and bartending.

A close call with a drug overdose in University prompted consideration of sobriety for the first time. He was done with those drugs, eventually narrowed self-medicating to alcohol, food, and work. Hundreds of blackouts later as a functional alcoholic, Bryan questioned if he could really stop drinking. He began to question how he lived his life; he was relegated to getting messed up in a constant loop (not drinking, drinks, drinks too much, does terrible things, feels regret & shame). In May 2010, desperate enough, he asked a longtime sober friend for help. Bryan reached a point he was willing to try anything to stop drinking to save his life. He’s been in a successful long-term recovery streak since then.

Bryan’s book Sober Is Better - My Note to Self is available on Amazon or direct. He shares stories and thoughts about living life before and during recovery. His next two books are in the works, both scheduled for release in mid-year and later in 2022.