Maybe a Book Cover

October 14, 2022

Been a minute sent my last post; it’s all good. I’ve been working on my next book, called TBD. My goal was to finish and release the book in July, September, and December 2022. Who said recovering alcoholics couldn’t be flexible and cut me a break? I’ve got a publisher telling me the book will get done when done. I appreciate your support.

Writing a book is an experience I hope for everyone. It gets a bit simpler the more you do it; like most everything else-practice makes you better. It will be my third book, a bit simpler yet not much more effortless. A book requires extra energy, taken away from the rest of daily life. We all work from 100% daily, and the percentage gets shifted based on basic needs to all the other priorities. It is hard to fill the writing bucket with what is needed, different demands, and good headspace to create and share a story. I beat myself up for what I didn’t do; that shit has to stop; it makes creating twice as hard.

I want to share my process has changed from book to book. I now outline ideas, start writing, let it sit for weeks, and note the story’s tone and structure. At some point, I’ll hit a wall with the physical writing, move on to voice-to-text notes of the story, and then let that sit. The bucket is getting reasonably full; I’m at 70% of the rough content but with limited editing. I am good today; lots of coffee, a bit of footie, and it’s another gorgeous blue sky in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I’ll hit you up on the next post as my process continues to evolve. I wanted to get back to talking, getting a little conversation into the universe. Later, do good and be kind in the world.