Recovery is about willingness, discovery, and healing.


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Hi, I’m Bryan.

An author, entrepreneur, and experiencing long-term recovery from drugs then alcohol. My life now is a commitment to my recovery lifestyle and maybe helping you by sharing my story.

I didn’t know how to feel, so I mastered not feeling anything. It’s survival, an empty existence that I’ve somehow survived. It’s a blessing to have found recovery, I’m a better person because of it.

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Note to Self

A Collection of 99 Life Lessons
When do you feel, enough is enough and something has to change in your life? It can happen anywhere—for me, a hot taxi headed to the airport in Chicago 2010. I finally got the gift of desperation and despair, it provided me an opportunity to ask for help. Since that moment, I have been working on myself, discovering who I am, and learning tools to live a better and more intentional life. I've transitioned into a "recovery lifestyle", in long-term recovery.

The lessons in 'Note to Self' are what I use every day to live. I live imperfectly with an open mind, and heart working on my path to peacefulness. I've found more serenity than I thought existed. Being active in the recovery community, talking to addicts and alcoholics remind me, if I don’t use, rough days that happen are just moments, they too shall pass. In my collection of lessons, I discuss the importance of being present and intentional with my actions and thoughts. This is an example of a lesson I learned in recovery.

I live in gratitude and inspiration (most days), appreciating my friends who graciously shared their lessons with me, to include in the book. I've went back many times and re-read their lessons, it's exactly what I needed to hear that day, funny how that works. Read the book, it's an easy read, please share it with anyone who needs help. We're in this life together, help someone who’s hurting and needs it whether you buy the book or not. Thank you, much love.

Dancing with Big Data

Conversations with the Experts
I like interviewing, more accurately I love just visiting with people I come across in my daily life about them and me, it’s a cool intersection to live in. Data has always been a bit of a mystery to Human Resources (HR), the rest of the company mostly gets the value of data, but HR is behind, resistance, and slightly oblivious. In developing this book, I got to the bottom with some tough questions in my Thug Metrics podcast. My research project on big data, mostly focused on HR but included some leading experts from social media and technology spaces just too make it more interesting for most of the professional world. In the book I share a collection of 15 interviews all discussing what the person thought was important, innovative, and surprising. The interviews are hosted by me with several colorful questions, language, and thoughts across the hours of conversations. The experts hail from the big hitters such as Facebook, Jibe, HP, Simply Measured, and Glassdoor to name a few. The book style is conversational, it’s the conversations with my comments included. It's like you're at the little table with us talking about data, pretty sexy stuff, please enjoy.

Note to Self, we’re all recovering from something. Most are recovering from many things, that’s alright. Recovery is healing, we’ve admitted needing help, and then learning to love ourselves.



Speaking Topic by Bryan Wempen
Note-to-Self, recovery is messy, hard, and undeniably beautiful. Recovery is powerful enough to save your life, maybe others, and give you a life you're excited about. I’m excited about my life enough to share my story, explain my despair, then hope, and healing. A story of blackout drinking at age 14, functioning career leading a $300 million-dollar unit for a public company on the New York Exchange, to spiraling in destruction. May 9, 2010 something changed my life, simply I ask for help. I called someone, they’d been exactly where I stood. My chapters are colorful, messy and normal (wink) recovery stories about the path to long-term recovery from first drugs then alcohol. Recovery is so much more than not using a drug or alcohol, it’s about healing, and learning how to live a life with calm and peace. It’s waking up in the morning without being alive, without regret, and go participate in life.
In this session, Bryan shares:

Questions I asked myself about my life being unmanageable.

Indications someone is struggling and might need help.

Resources for individuals and families dealing with the addiction beast.


Culture Crisis

Speaking Topic by Bryan Wempen
In the U.S. today, 10-20% of the workforce are under the influence of a substance (drugs, alcohol or both). We’ve entered a new area for employee assistance, customer and employee transparency, and types of liability of organizations. Today’s not being current on the most significant shift in organizational climate and cultures, will not only lose money, it will kill people. Engagement continues to be all time lows, continued legalization of marijuana, and likelihood of an employee overdosing in your company is real, how are you dealing with this?
In this session, Bryan shares:

Questions I’d ask myself as CEO for my organization.

My approach to examining an organization.

Suggestions for CEO on how to modernize the organization.

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