Street Food vs. My Family

April 30, 2019

On the eve of my next book coming out, Sober Is Better: My Note to Self, I’ve been thinking about how hard we all work. I drew comparisons to growing up on a farm to the Netflix show Street Food I’d watched this weekend. I talk about a lot about my growing up in the book, how hard my family worked on a farm, and other jobs to keep the business going. I touch on the right, and wrong things I remember, much woven around how much and hard my family worked.

It’s a fascinating show that highlights street food chefs and families from a personal, cultural and culinary perspective. What I saw in common was an eventual love of what each person was doing, it many times didn’t start that way, many times it was all they saw and knew, what else would you do.

Many of us, take many turns in our lives with the hope to find our love, a passion in what we do, a calling if you will.

I share about the journey into and out of addiction, which took hard work and commitment to something I never consciously choose but it ended up being my best life. The purveyors of the street food I saw this as well, it was a life they loved, my family with their calling the same, they did what they loved. You matter, so find what matters to you.

Talk soon and buy the book!