Self-care, Be Selfish With It

May 12, 2019

As I talk and write more about addiction and health recovery, post new book release; constant reminders revealed how many people are committed to helping others. The headlines and news if watched or read may not have that same tone, but if sifted through, digging under the surface of the sensationalism, there is compassion, kindness and lots of love.

There are times when I have edit down my sources of information for my mental health, attitude, and outlook on life because I don’t have what is needed to dig through the hard and rigid surface of data. I’m alright for doing this, I tell myself, it’s not a weakness or defect, it’s self-care about how I think and live. I’m talking more to those who mentor and inspire me in the final days before and now after Sober Is Better, got pushed out. I was overloaded and overwhelmed with work, writing, being a husband, and human being, a toll was being paid due to my passion project.

The messages, conversations, and connections with those who are experiencing addiction and mental health-related issues kept me moving forward with sharing my story. I’ve met many like myself only doing it longer and with more odds against them for improving whatever group they’re working so committedly to serve, to them thank you for helping show me the way. I don’t know where my writing and creativity will take me in the future but I know if it continues to help people feel heard and hope, then I’ll find a way to fit it all into my day as will all those who care, they will too.